Improving Lives Through Biomedical Innovation

Paragon Biosciences identifies unmet patient needs, invests in the development of novel medicines, and incubates biopharmaceutical companies. Serving as a catalyst and advisor to our portfolio companies, we help people live longer, healthier lives.


Our Focus

At Paragon Biosciences our philosophy is simple: start with what the patient needs, understand the science behind the disease and then build companies completely focused on addressing unmet needs. Our approach accelerates the approval of important medicines. More than 6,000 diseases today that do not have a treatment available. We will make that number smaller, and help patients live longer, better lives.

Problems people have deemed unsolvable are the problems we are solving.

Our Portfolio Companies

We develop companies with disciplined, targeted strategies that address specific clinical areas. 


Castle Creek

Castle Creek Pharma is striving to become the most prolific developer of innovative therapies for rare genetic dermatology conditions. For more information, please visit


Harmony Biosciences

Harmony Biosciences develops novel treatment options for neurological conditions, including sleep and cognitive disorders. For more information, please visit

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Skyline Biosciences

Skyline Biosciences is developing first in-kind oncology therapies to treat premalignant and malignant conditions with unmet medical need. Skyline’s mission is to alleviate potentially life-threatening conditions and to improve the quality of life for the patients it serves.  

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Emalex Biosciences

Emalex is committed to developing effective treatments for the Central Nervous System (CNS). Emalex’s focus is on making lives easier for the courageous people living with CNS disorders.



Decade Pharmaceuticals

Decade is a research and development company focused on novel Alzheimer’s disease therapeutics that will fundamentally improve patient outcomes and quality of life.




Developing the latest therapies for those living with serious immunology conditions.


Pipelines of Our Portfolio Companies

Paragon's portfolio companies have a diverse pipeline of investigational drugs, in four therapeutic areas.


Our Process

We pride ourselves on creating treatments for otherwise unmet patient needs. We embrace and overcome challenges to deliver important medicines.


Our Responsibility

We believe it is our responsibility to contribute to organizations which improve the human experience, both globally and locally.




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