Our Process


Paragon considers severe medical conditions where current treatments are inadequate. Then we explore whether our expertise and resources are best positioned to catalyze the development of an improved therapy that delivers value to all stakeholders: patients, clinicians, payers, and investors. 


Paragon and our top-tier financial partners invest long-term capital, to: research pharmaceutical compounds; investigate gene and cell therapies; and launch the bioscience companies that complete clinical trials and commercialize those treatments.


Paragon helps our early-stage portfolio companies to go further faster, via: shared facilities, ‘Day 1’ turnkey systems and back-office services (e.g., accounting, human resources, and information technology)—after which the portfolio companies operate independently.


Paragon continues to support its portfolio companies with expert advice, including legal, clinical and regulatory specialists who provide a level of expertise that is unavailable to most other early-stage bioscience companies.