Our Pipeline


Our Process


We identify diseases where the patient need is highest and treatment availability is most scarce.

We focus our energy in understanding the lives of the people we seek to help and the science underlying the disease. We build companies solely dedicated to address the neglected patient populations.

We work closely with patients, physicians, and payers to understand the conditions and lives of the patients we seek to help.

Clinical experience and scientific data drive our rational drug development strategy .

We excel at identifying the people and ideas most likely to yield successful results.


We create dynamic companies that redefine what is possible in biotech.

It takes years to bring life-changing and life-saving medicines to patients. We provide long-term capital and strategic resources creating a sustainable business model for all stakeholders – investors, patients, and payers.

Paragon’s portfolio companies are managed by healthcare industry leaders and biotech entrepreneurs committed to improving outcomes for patients.

We support researchers who dream big, and commit all necessary infrastructure to help them accomplish their goals. Through trial and error and years of hard work, the impossible yields to persistence, passion, and genius.


We have a proven track record for successfully bringing drugs to market; a rate that is on par and in many cases superior to Big Pharma.

By applying breakthrough science focused areas of high unmet medical need, we can do more to rapidly advance medicines to help those who lack treatment options.

Many of the drugs we develop will be the first and only approved treatments for the diseases and conditions they target.