What We Do

It starts with patients in need, suffering from conditions for which there is no treatment or relief. Where other pharmaceutical companies focus on the most common conditions, Paragon Biosciences builds and invests in companies that tackle the needs of smaller patient groups.

We take on some of medicine’s greatest challenges in order to have the most profound impact on the lives of those with unmet medical needs.

Patients come first as we build our innovative life science companies from the ground up. Led by some of the bioscience industry’s top executives and scientists, Paragon’s family of companies are designed, staffed, and supported to enable progress and breakthrough innovation, from inception to FDA approval.

How We Work

Groundbreaking discovery requires scientific rigor, technology, and a commitment to the patients we serve.

We provide our companies with a diverse group of dedicated experts and cutting-edge resources. In addition, we guide our privately owned companies to partner with entrepreneurs and clinical experts to provide the strategy, guidance, and support they need to ensure important therapies reach patients.

Our companies conduct all phases of clinical trials and development and collaborate with top medical professionals. We lead the pharmaceutical industry in creating and bringing to market new treatments for patients with rare diseases.

We start with the patient. We identify where we can make the most profound difference for patients living with rare and untreated diseases.